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Vol. 29 No. 5
How silicone wound contact layers promote healing and patient comfort
Is the media obsession with fad science fuelling health problems?
Nurse to patient: a view from the other side
Providing COPD patients with a passport for health
Raising awareness of lymphatic conditions across the UK
Putting the individual at the centre of mental health support
The importance of keeping the cold chain intact
Let's make 2015's Stop Pressure Ulcer Day a great success
How can desloughing a wound aid the patient experience?
My community
Record-keeping means more than ticking a box
'If it's not written down; it didn't happen...'
Learning on the job
What is the patient experience of healing in a hosiery kit?
The importance of effective exudate management in the community
Nursing management of pilonidal sinus in the community
Troubleshooting stomas in the community setting
Will providing ‘care closer to home’ result in more complex wound care?
The importance of diet and nutrition in severe mental health problems
The use of a honey dressing in a range of wound types
How can community nurses manage chronic constipation?
An overview of eczema management for community nurses

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Vol. 29 No. 2
The Queen’s Nursing Institute announces annual conference
What will your vote mean for nurses on the frontline?
How can community nurses help to shape continence care?
Preparation starts now for spring allergies and hay fever season
How will the general election result influence the future NHS?
Ask the expert: How to prevent leg ulcer recurrence when moving into compression hosiery?
My community
The Cavell Nurses’ Trust is here to help people just like you...
Cost efficacy of using Juxta CURES TM and UCS TM debridement cloths
Make sure your vote counts on 7 May...
The use of Actilite Protect® as an all-round wound care solution
Understanding the development and management of shingles
How to use compression hosiery kits in the treatment of venous leg ulceration
A small multicentre evaluation of a new gelling fibrous silver dressing
Applying SSKIN bundle education and dermal pads in residential homes to improve the quality of care
Providing optimal sub-bandage pressure in compression therapy
What can we do to improve the patient experience of continence care?
Understanding the relationship between type 1 diabetes and diet

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Vol. 28 No. 4

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Vol. 27 No. 4
Welcome to the new-look Journal of Community Nursing
Celtic tigers are earning their stripes
Who is today’s community nurse?
Crossing the health and social care divide
Managing radiotherapy-induced skin reactions in the community
Assessment, management and prevention of infected wounds
Dealing with wound-related pain at dressing change
The CHROSS Checker: a tool kit to detect early skin changes associated with venous and lymphovenous disease
Pressure-reducing pads effectively prevent and reverse signs of category 1 pressure damage
The use of compression hosiery in mixed aetiology ulceration and palliative care
Superabsorbent dressings — have we reached maximum capacity?
The importance of peristomal skin care in the community setting
Managing swallowing difficulties in patients with learning disabilities
Managing the symptoms of urinary tract infection in women
Assessing eating disorder and weight preoccupation risk in female students
Factors influencing evidence-based practice among community nurses
The use of a reflective grid to aid community nurse education
Achieving compression therapy concordance in the new NHS: a challenge for clinicians
Community Nursing must not reinvent the education wheel
My community

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Vol. 25 No. 1
The patient journey: guiding practice in intermittent catheterisation
Scalp problems in eczema
Equity, choice or chance? Community palliative care
Transforming community leg ulcer services
Detoxing dependent drinkers
KerraMax®: managing highly exuding wounds

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Vol. 23 No. 2
Care of the dying: advice for primary care nurses
Use of honey on a neuropathic ulcer
Coated catheters – reviewing the literature
Healing post traumatic wounds with URGOCELL® START
Improving diabetes management

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Vol. 21 No. 9

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Vol. 21 No. 6

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Vol. 21 No. 3