Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | December 2020

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Improving leg ulcer care in the community

Improving leg ulcer care in the community
Wound Care

Article topics: Care in the community, Leg ulcer, Leg ulcer management, Leg ulceration

With an ageing population, it is likely that the numbers of leg ulcers requiring intervention will increase proportionately. Given that most leg ulcer care is conducted in the community, this will place an extra burden on primary care staff. Therefore, any cost-effective interventions which improve management are worth considering. The Complex Wound Clinic team (Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust) undertook a 12-month evaluation of using octenidine-based antimicrobial wash mitts as an alternative to
bucket washing. The aim was to monitor both patient and staff reaction to the use of wash mitts instead of bucket washing, track reported incidents of staff musculoskeletal injuries, and monitor infection rates, including Pseudomonas and wound infections requiring antibiotics.

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