Wound Care Resources

19 April 2021
This case series evaluation assessed the efficacy of WoundExpress™ (Huntleigh Healthcare), a novel IPC device, which applies compression to the thigh of the afflicted leg for the management of hard-to-heal leg ulcers. Eleven wound treatment centres or wound care specialists undertook WoundExpress evaluations. Eligible and willing patients (n=61), with a ‘hard-to heal’ leg ulcer used the WoundExpress device for two hours a day, in addition to continuing to receive their standard wound care for a 16-week period. Fifty-three participants completed the evaluations. Thirty-three percent (n=19) of all ulcers healed within the 16-week study period; the mean time to healing was 10 weeks. A further 60% of ulcers (n=35) progressed towards healing within the 16-week period, with a mean surface area reduction of 56% (23cm2). The evaluation concluded that thigh-administered IPC is an effective adjunctive treatment, that aids healing and reduces pain, for patients with hard to heal leg ulcers.
Topics:  Pain