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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | March 2008

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Breastfeeding education for health professionals

Breastfeeding education for health professionals

Pages: 4 - 15

Article topics: Breastfeeding, Education, Health Visiting, Midwifery, UNICEF

Marina Bigger and Dr Ann Long discuss their research which concludes that it is imperative that healthcare practitioners are educated and trained to guide mothers to implement breastfeeding
Marina T. Bigger MSc, BSc (Hons), RGN, RHV is currently being seconded for PhD study but at the time of writing this article was employed as Head of Nursing- Research & Development Northern Health & Social Care Trust
Magherafelt, Co Londonderry
Dr Ann Long RN, RMN, SCPHV, BSc (Hons) Psychology, MSc Counselling, D.Phil. Honorary Fellow of the University of Ulster
Article accepted for publication: April 2007