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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | November 2013

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The single competency framework means professionals prescribing together

The single competency framework means professionals prescribing together
Nurse Prescribing

Pages: 80 - 84

Article topics: Common competencies, Prescribing, Professional development

Ongoing developments in the prescribing agenda such as the new competency framework and the widening of professional responsibility within this field, are just part of other major changes taking place in health and social care today. The advantages for nurses of working in this new and rapidly evolving healthenvironment include the possibility of greater role flexibility, increased employability in multi-sectoral teams and the opportunity to run their own commissioned services. For managers, there is the possibility of providing a whole therapeutic package of care from each employee, with the distinct advantage of reducing the cost of relying on locum staff and brought-in prescribing services. This article outlines the common competency framework for prescribing, which provides a focus for the development of skill and knowledge and aims to ensure that standards are upheld across care services.

Anita Fatchett, Associate Senior Lecturer Nursing at Leeds Metropolitan University
Andrew McEwan, Non-Medical Prescribing Lead at Leeds Metropolitan University