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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | December 2015

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Effective exudate management and the Eclypse® dressing range

Effective exudate management and the Eclypse® dressing range
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Article topics: Compression, Leg ulcers, Oedema, Wound Care

An optimal wound environment for promoting healing is dependent on maintaining moisture balance (i.e. an environment that is neither too wet, nor too dry). Practitioners need to understand what is normal and what is problematic exudate for wound healing, as well as the impact that wound fluid might be having on the patient’s quality of life. For example, if dressings chosen are unable to contain the volume being produced, this can lead to embarrassment and social isolation, as well as discomfort to the patient from wearing bulky dressings. Assessing and understanding the cause of excess exudate will help practitioners to develop goals with the patient and target treatments to achieve the best outcomes overall. This article examines what is meant by a moist wound healing environment and looks at one dressing range, Eclypse®, that has been found to contribute to moist wound healing and promote patient quality of life (Rafter et al, 2015).