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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | February 2017

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A new solution for indwelling catheter encrustation and blockage

A new solution for indwelling catheter encrustation and blockage

Article topics: Blockage, Catheters, Continence, Encrustation

With over a million devices used in the NHS every year, indwelling urinary catheterisation is widely acknowledged as one of the most commonly used invasive healthcare procedures. Despite its widespread use, there is also extensive evidence of the risk of infection, blockage and bypassing associated with indwelling catheters, all of which can adversely affect patients’ health and quality of life, as well as placing a significant burden on the supportive health services that manage the caseloads of catheterised patients in both community and acute settings. This article looks at the reasons for the use of long-term catheters, the complications that can arise and the positive impact the use of a triclosan-based solution can have when instilled into the inflation balloon of the catheter. A selection of case studies highlight the use of Farco-fill® Protect (CliniMed) in complex patients whose only management option for effective bladder drainage is to use an indwelling catheter.