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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | February 2019

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Secret Life of Catheters: an educational programme

Secret Life of Catheters: an educational programme

Article topics: Antibiotics, Catheters, Education, Infection, Safety

The National Catheter Education Programme is a Health Education England-funded initiative to improve the care of patients with catheters. Part of this initiative is the Secret Life of Catheters programme. This article highlights the need for improvement in catheter care and explains the development of this project, which aims to drive improvements across primary and secondary settings through the large-scale delivery of a multiprofessional educational programme in catheter care. The programme explores key dilemmas that district nurses, community nurses, healthcare assistants and doctors can encounter with catheters, and provides approaches to address them. By standardising the teaching of clinical concepts and practice strategies, it is hoped that variations in practice and pockets of misunderstanding can be eliminated.