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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | October 2021

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Outstanding people and outstanding partnerships

Outstanding people and outstanding partnerships

Pages: 20 - 22

The day we got the announcement from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) confirming our nursing and telehealth service had been awarded ‘outstanding’, I felt so proud. I also thought about all the NHS nurses who are so incredibly tired and hardworking, and I wished they could all be told they too are outstanding. For after the 18 months they have had, they completely deserve it. 
Of course, I already knew that the staff we have and the service we provide is truly outstanding, but having the CQC confirm this, is such a fantastic recognition of the hard work the team at Coloplast put in every single day to make life easier for people living with intimate healthcare needs. Receiving this rating means that Coloplast is the only one in its field to have received an ‘outstanding’ rating for a service like this in England.
Our extensive experience in developing products and services for people with deeply personal medical conditions, which are often associated with trauma and taboo, means that we know it makes sense to be able to deliver care based around a person, removing some of the administrative burden, plus treating them, where possible, in a place of their choice. This administrative burden includes finding information about lifestyle, returning to work, going on holidays, diet and nutrition. We can also arrange for the collection of the GP prescription when needed and signpost to other sources
or support services.
Our CQC accredited service can be trusted to deliver for patients, their families and the NHS.

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