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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | December 2014

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Managing urinary incontinence: guidelines for community nurses

Managing urinary incontinence: guidelines for community nurses

Pages: 20 - 26

Article topics: Assessment, Continence, Management, Urinary Incontinence

Increasing demographic changes in the type and age of patients as well as further government directives requiring more care at home, mean that there is a growing emphasis on primary care-led services. Large caseloads and patients with multiple and chronic health problems are stretching available community nursing resources. Against this background, continence promotion tends not to be a priority and at times it may seem easier and better to prescribe pads for patients with urinary incontinence. This article provides community nurses with guidance on the initial assessment and management options available for patients who present with urinary incontinence. Many patients will subsequently experience improvement in their symptoms (although not always complete resolution), with a corresponding improvement in overall quality of life.