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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | January 2011

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Scalp problems in eczema

Scalp problems in eczema
Skin Care

Pages: 10 - 14

Article topics: Dermatitis, Effective treatments, Scalp eczema, Skin Care

In this article, dermatology specialist nurse, Julie Van Onselen looks at the different types of scalp eczema and offers guidance on ways of treating this often intractable condition

Acknowledgements and further information

Reproduced with kind permission from the NES: This article first appeared in Exchange - National Eczema Society Members Magazine, Issue 137 pp16-18, Sept 2010.

National Eczema Society factsheets on seborrhoeic dermatitis in adults and cradle cap and seborrhoeic dermatitis in children can be downloaded free, along with all other NES resources from the Healthcare Professional area of www.eczema.org . Also http://www.dermnetnz.org/dermatitis/seborrhoeic-dermatitis.html.

Julie Van Onselen BA (Hons), RGN, RSCN, Dip N is a Dermatology Nurse with Oxfordshire PCT and an independent consultant at JVO Consultancy Education in Dermatology

Article accepted for publication: November 2010