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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | October 2016

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Finding a cost-effective dressing solution with multiple applications

Finding a cost-effective dressing solution with multiple applications
Wound Care

Article topics: Cost-effectiveness, Periwound, Skin tears, Wear time, Wound Care

In the current economic climate it is important that clinical quality and cost-effectiveness is maintained and community nurses must be confident that they are selecting dressings which provide multiple treatment outcomes. This can include exudate management, reducing trauma and pain at dressing change, extended wear time, and protection of the periwound area. Similarly, there has been a recent rise in the incidence of skin tears, particularly within care homes and in the elderly population, and this requires a dressing that can both protect vulnerable skin and prevent the entry of contaminants and bacteria into the wound bed. Community nurses need a dressing that can perform all of these roles and this article examines Advazorb® Border (Advancis Medical), a dressing specifically designed to manage exudate, prevent pain, trauma and skin stripping on removal, and protect the periwound skin. Crucially, in clinical practice Advazorb Border has been shown to manage skin tears appropriately while staying in place longer and the author discusses clinical evidence that shows how the dressing provides cost-effective wound management and long-term savings within clinical practice.