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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | February 2016

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Working together to treat meningococcal necrotic skin lesions

Working together to treat meningococcal necrotic skin lesions
Wound Management

Article topics: Debridement, Meningitis, Rash, Wound Care

Meningococcal disease is a contagious bacterial condition that can result in life-threatening sepsis as well as the development of extensive blistering and lesions. This article presents the topical management regimen for one young patient’s wound care in conjunction with the community and outpatient paediatric teams. Practical tips on how to manage complex wounds in children will be outlined to demonstrate that such cases can be managed effectively by nursing teams in a relaxed home environment and outpatient setting, preventing readmission and supporting the emotional recovery of the child and parents. The success of this case study and the reintegration of the child back into daily life and school was attributed to the joint working and collaboration between parents and child, and tissue viability, paediatric and community nursing teams.