Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | February 2024

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Enhancing the care of older people: role of community hospitals

Enhancing the care of older people: role of community hospitals

Pages: 61 - 65

Article topics: Older People

Community hospitals bridge the gap between primary and secondary care. They are geographically diverse local assets that offer a range of services, although inpatient services often focus on rehabilitation, most commonly for stroke and older people. Community hospitals are person-centred in their approach, nurse-led and work in a multidisciplinary way to support people to achieve their goals, maintain independence,  and improve health and wellbeing assets. The model of care, including medical support, has evolved over the 150 years they have been in place, in response to local and systems’
needs, including the development of enhanced and advanced roles. Covid-19 demonstrated flexibility, innovation and resilience to support local communities and the wider health and care system. Community hospitals are valued by the people and  communities they serve and have a part to play in the future health and care landscape, improving the care of older people.

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