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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | April 2016

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Demystifying debridement and wound cleansing

Demystifying debridement and wound cleansing
Wound Care

Article topics: Leg ulcers, Periwound Skin, Rehydration, Skin cleansing, Wound Care

In the community setting, leg ulcer management involves both care of the wound itself and the skin of the lower limb. Cleansing is vital to enure that infection does not develop in the wound itself and that the integrity of the periwound skin is maintained. Maintaining the skin’s barrier function is also vital, as, without this, fluid loss, inflammation, dryness and infection can develop. Wound exudate can also act as an irritant to healthy skin, particularly when permitted to accumulate under wound dressings. Keeping the skin clean and free of debris, alongside more frequent dressing changes can help in the treatment of irritated skin. This article highlights the use of an innovative cleansing product (UCS; medi UK), which is designed as a premoistened cloth that safely and effciently cleanses the wound of slough and debris, while rehydrating periwound skin.