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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | October 2016

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Improving patients’ experience of dressing removal in practice

Improving patients’ experience of dressing removal in practice
Wound Care

Article topics: Delayed healing, Pain, Periwound skin care, Skin stripping, Wound Care

Repeated application/removal of adhesive dressings and tapes can cause skin stripping in and around wounds, resulting in pain, increased wound size, delayed healing, inflammation and increased risk of infection. Adhesive tapes and dressings are also used widely in many care settings to secure tubes, monitors and drains, while the more fragile skin of children and the elderly is at increased risk of epidermal stripping when adhesive dressings are removed. Here, the authors use a series of case studies to demonstrate how Appeel® Sterile Liquid Sachet and Spray applications (CliniMed Ltd), part of the Appeel Sterile Medical Adhesive Remover range, help with adhesive removal, reducing pain and trauma. This article examines how Appeel Sterile removes dressings, tapes and other medical adhesive appliances quickly and easily from both intact and broken skin, resulting in reductions in pain, trauma, use of analgesia, infection risk, cost of dressings and nursing time.