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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | June 2016

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Using soap substitutes, bath additives and leave-on emollients

Using soap substitutes, bath additives and leave-on emollients
Skin Care

Article topics: Bath additives, Dermatology, Emollients, Skin Care, Soap substitute

With so much choice, there can be uncertainty around which skin preparations to use in people with skin that is damaged or in danger of becoming compromised. However, community nurses are ideally placed to carry out skin assessments, provide education and work with patients to identify an effective emollient package. Patient choice is crucial and should be available to patients of all ages with vulnerable, dry or scaly skin conditions. Patient education and written management plans are also essential for the successful management of dry skin conditions. However, choosing one type of bath additive or emollient over another can create confusion for healthcare professionals and patients alike and this article sets out some basic principles for successful management.