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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | May 2011

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Continence product use in the community

Continence product use in the community

Pages: 12 - 17

Article topics: Continence, Continence promotion, Multidisciplinary approach, Promoting patient confidence

Ian Pomfret, June Rogers & Julie Vickerman discuss the various uses of continence aids available in the community

Ian Pomfret RGN NDNc. PWT, Former Lead Continence Adviser, NHS Central Lancashire PCT
June Rogers RN, RSCN,BA (Hons), MSc is Team Director at PromoCon, Disabled Living, Manchester
Julie Vickerman Dip C.O.T. Continence Occupational therapist. NHS Central Lancashire PCT and PromoCon, Disabled Living, Manchester

Article accepted for publication: March 2011