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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | April 2017

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Using a step-up, step-down approach to exudate management

Using a step-up, step-down approach to exudate management
Wound Care

Article topics: Cost-effectiveness, Dressing choice, Exudate, Wound Care, Wounds

The management of exudate in acute and chronic wounds is a common issue for community nurses, with too much exudate resulting in issues with infection and the breakdown of periwound skin; while too little moisture risks the wound bed becoming too dry. Nurses need to find the most cost-effective and clinically proven treatment regimen when treating wounds that produce different levels of exudate, minimising dressing changes and patient discomfort. While it can be difficult to make a choice about which dressing to use because of the vast array on offer, it is important to match the dressing to the wound and use the most appropriate dressing for the levels of exudate being produced. Similarly, using a more responsive approach to wound management — adapting treatment as the wound changes — will result in a more cost-effective approach. Advancis Medical have a range of wound management dressings that are suitable for different wound types and can handle varying levels of exudate. This allows nurses to use a step-up, step-down approach to the management of exudate as the most cost-effective dressing regimen.