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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | February 2020

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Introducing MESI ABPI MD automated device to a Leg Club setting

Introducing MESI ABPI MD automated device to a Leg Club setting
Wound Care

Article topics: Automated ABPI device, Doppler, Leg Club, Leg ulcer assessment, Lower leg wounds

The total estimated cost of managing wounds in the UK is reported to be more than £5 billion per year, with a great deal of that cost coming from nursing time (Guest et al, 2015). Patients with lower leg wounds should receive an ankle brachial pressure index (ABPI) before compression therapy (Wounds UK, 2019). Measuring ABPI using the traditional Doppler probe, however, can be unreliable, time-consuming and can only be carried out by practitioners with specialist training and knowledge (Al-Qaisi et al, 2009). Waiting times for appointments can also delay treatment. Automated ABPI assessments are speedy, accurate and do not require specialist nurses, thus freeing up nursing time and lowering costs, as well as reducing waiting and assessment times (Boast et al, 2019). This article assesses the introduction of the MESI ABPI (medi UK) automated device at a Leg Club in North East Essex. The challenges faced by the Leg Club are discussed, along with the benefits seen over a two-month period after acquiring the automated ABPI device.

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