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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | May 2012

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Principles of urinary catheterisation

Principles of urinary catheterisation

Pages: 37 - 41

Article topics: Best practice, Continence, Patient choice, Urinary catheterisation

Urinary catheterisation is one of the most common procedures undertaken in both primary and secondary care. However, the process carries a number of inherent risks, such as the potential for trauma and the introduction of infection. In addition, the inappropriate use of a catheter can cause long-term damage. This article outlines the indications for their use and the type to be used according to patient requirements.

Frank Booth RGN, DN Cert. Freelance Continence Specialist
Melanie Clarkson RGN Dip. He. Clinical Nurse Specialist, Continence Service for Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS
Foundation Trust

Article accepted for publication: March 2012