Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | October 2023

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Challenges of pressure ulcer prevention in the community setting

Challenges of pressure ulcer prevention in the community setting
Long-term conditions

Pages: 36 - 41

Article topics: Community nursing, Pressure Ulcer, Risk assessment

As the UK population ages and greater numbers of people are living with long-term conditions (Office for National Statistics [ONS], 2014), increasing numbers of people are subsequently at risk of developing pressure ulcers (PUs). PUs are painful, costly and can negatively affect patient quality of life. They are particularly prevalent in the community setting, leading to high-costs in treatments, especially in those suffering from a chronic condition (Jaul et al, 2018). The prevention of PUs is therefore a key global care quality indicator, which is the focus of considerable quality improvements in primary care. Identifying a patient at risk of developing PUs is an action that should be undertaken at the first community visit. Nursing care to prevent PUs needs to be systematically planned, implemented and evaluated, following assessment of the patient and their
circumstances. As demonstrated by Clarkson et al (2019), integrating an interprofessional approach can reduce the severity of PUs in the community. There are a wide range of resources required to help prevent PUs, including nursing time, ensuring effective patient repositioning and risk assessment, as well as delivering the most appropriate pressure-relieving surfaces (Dealey et al, 2012).

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