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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | May 2015

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Providing optimal sub-bandage pressure in compression therapy

Providing optimal sub-bandage pressure in compression therapy
Wound Management

Article topics: Compression, Skin Care, Two-layer bandaging, Wound Care

If left untreated, leg ulcers can descend into a cycle of tissue breakdown and healing, resulting in chronic venous leg ulcers, which are associated with considerable morbidity and impaired quality of life. Compression therapy is widely held up as the ‘gold standard’ for management of venous leg ulcers, and the provision of safe and effective compression is one of the vital skills of the community nurse. However, to provide this level of treatment it is essential that the bandage system used provides the correct amount of sub-bandage pressure, as too little will be ineffective; whereas too great a pressure may cause constriction and patient discomfort (Moffatt, 2005; Milic et al, 2010). This article highlights a study that investigated the efficacy of a two-layer bandaging system (HERO H-2®, H&R Healthcare), which was tested by a group of clinicians for its ability to provide optimum compression alongside ease of application and patient comfort.