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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | March 2012

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Exploring the role of nurse partners

Primary care

Article topics: Business partnership, Enterprise, Humanistic paradigm

In Fiona Roscoe’s second article, the author outlines research undertaken with the aim to explore qualities of nurse partners in successful general practices in the UK.
Objectives: to provide information regarding the professional and personal profile of the average nurse partner, to describe how nurse partners performed in their dual roles of practitioner and business manager, and to discuss qualities that may influence and facilitate a successful partnership agreement.
Method: Six nurse partners of average profile were selected for one to one semi- structured interviews. A qualitative grounded theory design was applied to data collection and analysis of transcriptions.
Results: Descriptive codes applicable to all six nurse partners were identified. There was sufficient evidence to suggest that the partners were operating at advanced levels in a humanistic existentialist paradigm and were also exhibiting transformational leadership qualities.
Conclusion: Personable qualities in addition to visionary and progressive traits qualify nurse partner for effective team working and leadership essential to the delivery of primary care services.

Fiona Roscoe RN, DN, ANP, MSc, Pgdip, BSc(Hons) Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Sett Valley Medical Centre, New Mills & Derbyshire Health United Out of Hours Service

Article accepted for publication: September 2011