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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | September 2013

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Dealing with wound-related pain at dressing change

Dealing with wound-related pain at dressing change
Pain Management

Pages: 36 - 42

Article topics: Atraumatic dressings, Dressing Change, Wound Care, Wound pain

Numerous studies have shown that pain during dressing change is a major issue for patients with both acute and chronic wounds. Despite this evidence, pain is often misunderstood by clinicians and can be poorly managed. Pain can result in patients abandoning dressing regimens and clinicians need to ensure that patients have their pain reduced as much as possible and do not have to face the trauma of repeated painful dressing changes. This article presents some of the causes of pain and outlines some strategies that clinicians can use to prevent or minimise their patients’ pain.

Jacky Edwards, Burns Nurse Consultant, Burn Centre, University Hospital of South Manchester and Lead Nurse, Northern Burn Care Network