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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | February 2021

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An overview of blood disorders in the elderly

An overview of blood disorders in the elderly
Elderly care

Pages: 56 - 63

Article topics: Anaemia, Blood disorder, Leukaemia, Multiple myeloma, Older adults

This article gives a brief overview of blood disorders affecting older adults. The conditions covered within the article vary widely in their symptoms and presentation, their severity and impact on the affected person’s quality of life. Treatment options and prognosis are also very different for each condition covered, depending on the disease the patient has. Some patients are able to live a normal life once treatment has started, while for others their disease carries a far less positive outcome and a poorer prognosis. This article hopes to improve knowledge and understanding of the conditions discussed with the aim of giving community nurses and non-medical prescribers more confidence when advising patients with any of the diseases discussed.

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