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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | January 2012

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Devising a wound dressing formulary

Devising a wound dressing formulary
Wound Management

Pages: 13 - 16

Article topics: Cost efficient, Evidence based knowledge, Training & partnership working, Wound Care

Complex and chronic wounds present many challenges to the community nurse, not least identifying the most appropriate dressing from the plethora available. Coupled with the imperative that care is delivered in the most cost and clinically-effective manner, a carefully considered and evaluated formulary can help guide dressing choice and facilitate monitoring of usage and costs.
In this article, a runner-up in the JCN Writing Awards, Caroline Swayne reflects on the impact of a formulary in her organisation.

Caroline Swayne ENG, RGN, DN, Bsc, Non Medical Prescriber, District Nurse/Team Leader in the Isle of Man