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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | August 2021

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Use of NPWT as part of a Hospital @ Home wound management service

Use of NPWT as part of a Hospital @ Home wound management service
Wound Care

Pages: 50 - 57

Article topics: Cost savings, Hospital @ Home service, NPWT, Quality of life, Wound Management

A recent economic analysis has reported a £8.3 billion cost to the NHS for wound management. This overwhelming cost has meant alternate wound management strategies are needed. One example is a Hospital @ Home (H@H) negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) service, whereby patients are discharged from hospital with an open wound and traditional NPWT (tNPWT) and/or single-use (sNPWT) is provided in their own home. The aim of the service evaluation presented here, which was conducted from the H@H nurse base within Brighton General Hospital, was to highlight the clinical outcomes of utilising NPWT in a homecare setting, to assess changes in patient quality of life through a validated instrument, and to understand the anticipated cost savings to the NHS. Thirty-one patients, all of whom had received surgical intervention resulting in an open wound requiring NPWT and were receiving H@H NPWT, were included in the evaluation. A statistically significant reduction in wound dimentions and improvement in patient reported general quality of life was found. Overall, the delivery of this H@H NPWT service enables patients to return home, with ongoing wound management which results in wound closure. The service evaluation also enabled a cost saving analysis to be reported, suggesting that this locally implemented H@H service can reduce costs of approximately £5,256 per patient by utilising H@H NPWT compared to hospital inpatient managed NPWT.

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