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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | October 2015

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The use of a honey dressing in a range of wound types

The use of a honey dressing in a range of wound types
Wound Management

Article topics: Exudate, Honey, Infection, Wound Care

The specialty of wound care is one that has expanded exponentially in modern times with a plethora of theories and technologies, including wound bed preparation, the role of proteases, negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), and an almost bewildering array of dressing formulations, from antimicrobials to larval-based products. However, for the clinician on the ground who may not have time to appraise all the theory — or indeed afford all of the new technologies — there is still a high premium placed on having a range of wound care dressings that can be used on a variety of wounds, are simple to use, patientfriendly, and, increasingly important in this day and age, cost-effective (Chandan et al, 2009). In a follow-up to a previous article (Morgan, 2015), this piece looks at one particular dressing (Actilite Protect®; Advancis Medical) and reviews the latest in a series of case studies that show how it can be effective in a range of wounds, in particular infected wounds, due to its innovative use of honey.