Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | October 2023

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Palliative care of the elderly patient at home

Palliative care of the elderly patient at home
End-of-life care

Pages: 60 - 63

Article topics: Assessment, Care planning

Palliative care of the elderly patient who wishes to die at home is an integral part of the role of community nurses. Historically, it has been found that this area is at risk of mismanagement, with poor symptom control, a breakdown in home care services and
lack of support for carers; aspects which can lead to admission to hospice or hospital. As such, this article examines the essential role of the community nurse in both practical  ways of assessment, planning and reviewing care of the patient and the family; as well
as psychological ways of supporting, guiding and listening. The article uses a case study to illustrate an example of the process of planning palliative care in the community, while acknowledging that each situation is individual to each patient, resulting in a variety of challenges. It can be seen that the community nurse is the mainstay in the whole process of palliative care of the elderly patient; providing a bespoke package of care in collaboration with the wider multidisciplinary team and thus enabling the patient to
remain at home in their final days.

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