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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | September 2018

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Legs Matter: improving wound care of the lower limb

Legs Matter: improving wound care of the lower limb
Wound Care

Article topics: Arterial ulcer, Compression, Foot and leg ulcers, Legs Matter, Lymphoedema, Peripheral arterial disease, Wound Care

Lower limb ulceration is a common, debilitating and costly condition that accounts for over one third of chronic wounds in the UK. The most common underlying causes of leg and foot ulceration are venous insufficiency, arterial insufficiency, lymphoedema and diabetic neuropathy. More than half of leg ulcers do not have a recorded diagnosis and are unlikely to receive appropriate care. Poor care can cost up to ten times as much as appropriate care. The Legs Matter campaign aims to change this situation through a public health campaign supported by a website: http://legsmatter.org. The website provides clearly written, easily accessible information for patients, the public and generalist healthcare professionals along with signposts to reputable sources of information. In this way, the campaign aims to raise awareness that leg and foot conditions can be improved with the right care.