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Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) | November 2018

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Understanding compression: part 4 — bandaging and skin care

Understanding compression: part 4 — bandaging and skin care
Skin Care

Article topics: Compression bandaging, Elastic bandages, Inelastic bandages, Leg ulceration, Skin Care

The fourth and final article in this four-part series about understanding compression therapy explores the options available to clinicians and patients when the need for compression bandaging therapy has been established through holistic assessment. This paper presents an overview of both inelastic and elastic bandage systems. In addition, the indications for appropriate use of each of these systems and their limitations are discussed. The cost of compression bandaging to the health service budget in terms of sustainability, equipment and clinician time is also explored. Gait is a fundamental area of leg ulcer care that needs assessment as part of lower limb management. Discussion regarding the implications of compression bandaging therapy itself, as well as the presence of leg ulcers and pain on gait are provided. Finally, a review of fundamental skin care principles to protect the skin is offered.