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LEARNING ZONE / WOUND CARE / Using an adjustable compression device to manage venous leg ulcers
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Using an adjustable compression device to manage venous leg ulcers


The focus is on the work of a team of community nurses running a primary care drop-in centre. As well as a full range of clinic services, the team sees a lot of leg ulcer patients for compression bandaging. A common problem with traditional compression bandaging is the amount of time that community nurses have to spend on the procedure, as well as the dangers of maintaining pressure and bandage slippage between dressing appointments, which can result in discomfort for patients and even skin damage in some cases. This also has implications for patient concordance. This article looks at a review by the team of a new compression system (juxtacures®; medi UK), which offers measurable and adjustable compression and a greater involvement by patients in their own care, which in turn can minimise the time nurses need to spend on dressing changes.

Sponsored by: medi UK Limited
Topics: Wound Care
Length: Up to 30 minutes
Status: Unit started

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