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LEARNING ZONE / WOUND CARE / Caring for chronic wounds in the community
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Caring for chronic wounds in the community


Many chronic wounds are cared for by healthcare professionals in the community and can be challenging to manage. This article explains why wounds become chronic at a cellular level. It also discusses some of the contributory systemic factors that contribute to a wound becoming chronic, such as unrelieved pressure, unmanaged venous hypertension and poorly controlled diabetes. In addition, it explores local barriers to chronic wound healing, such as excessive exudate, high bacterial burden and the identification of local and systemic infection. Advice is given on how to identify biofilms in chronic wounds, together with suggestions on how to successfully remove these, based on latest guidance. The debridement of slough, a further barrier to healing, is also covered, together with the different methods available for community healthcare professionals to use.

Topics: Wound Care
Status: Unit started

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