Toolkit for personalised care planned


National Voices, the charity coalition, is inviting health and social care professionals to help them develop a toolkit for personalised care and support planning.

A draft version of a Care and Support Planning toolkit will be launched this Friday at the Future of Health Conference. Professionals will then be invited to take part in a conversation throughout October, alongside people who use services, to develop the tools and make sure they work for everyone involved.

NHS England’s guidance on the participation of patients, launched last week, highlights the need for every person with a long-term condition or disability to have a personalised care plan.  However we have a long way to go to make a reality of this: surveys reveal that only 36% of people with diabetes, 18% with osteoarthritis and 14% with epilepsy report developing a care plan. 

National Voices’ Policy Advisor, Laura Robinson, says:

'People with long term conditions and disabilities need to know who will support them and the steps they can take to live and stay as well as possible. But all too often, they are left without this information, and without having the opportunity to say what matters most to them. Care and Support Planning can change this.'

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