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The EU and nursing


Referendum day is now here and this week also saw the RCN debating the European Union and nursing at Congress. While the RCN is not taking a position on ‘bremain’ or ‘brexit’, the importance of nurses actually going out to vote was stressed.

The motion, proposed by Jason Warriner from the RCN Public Health Forum, was to discuss the benefits for nursing of remaining a member of the EU. He commented that UK nurses benefited from the mutual recognition of qualifications being recognised, which allows them to work in other EU countries and concluded by saying that ‘by staying in Europe, we can influence the future of nursing and have a voice’.

Dr Carol Hall from the Education Forum also raised the subject of the Erasmus student exchange programme, which provides the opportunity to study in other European countries, saying that ‘Education is about promoting inclusivity’.

For a quick and easy guide about the impact of the EU on nursing, see the RCN's recent document

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