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Skydiving nurse hopes to raise money for nurses in need


A student nurse from the University of Worcester is jumping from a plane at 14,000 feet to raise money to support fellow nurses in hardship. Sara Mulligan from Droitwich is fundraising for nurses’ charity Cavell Nurses’ Trust and her daredevil stunt takes place on 9 April. She is currently studying to become a mental health nurse and was inspired to enter the profession by her mother who works as a general nurse.

‘My mum has always been proud and excited about what she does and when I was working as a healthcare assistant I saw other dedicated nurses giving great care and I thought – I want to do that, that’s going to be me.’

Recently, Sara and her family had cause to rely on nurses when her uncle suffered a heart attack. The nurses and doctors worked so hard to save him and Sara said that if they hadn’t done what they did her uncle might not have been alive today. ‘I can’t thank them enough for that,’ she said.

Sara is keen to support nurses who are struggling with hardship and she has set herself the target of raising £400 for Cavell Nurses’ Trust. The charity gives welfare support to nurses, midwives, healthcare assistants and students experiencing financial or personal hardship, often because of illness, domestic abuse, disability, working poverty and older age. Sara feels that this cause is vital,

‘Nurses give so much and at some point they’ve got to have someone to look after them as well,’ she said. ‘It’s important that there is someone there for them, a safety net for when things go wrong. I think it’s really important and I’d like to be a part of that.’

However, Sarah is feeling a bit nervous about her big day.

‘The hardest part will be the build-up on the day and keeping my nerves under control,’ she said. ‘Once I’m on that plane I’ve got to be level headed and not show people how scared I am. Trying to stay calm will be the biggest challenge for me.’

You can donate to Sara’s skydive here


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