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Reducing the risk of cross-infection


Two new documents produced by the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) provide invaluable advice to community staff on reducing the risk of infections.

Decontamination of Medical Devicesoffers general advice for staff dealing with medical devices returned from, or delivered to individual homes, NHS, community units and other distribution centres. It takes as a given that all returned devices should be handled as if contaminated and so staff need to ensure that they have the right systems in place, as detailed in this guidance, to manage the decontamination of devices and meet the requirements of the Department of Health and Social Care’s target to reduce cross infection.

With hand hygiene being widely recognised as the single most important activity to reduce the spread of infection, the BHTA’s practical advice for hand hygiene, Get Wise to Hand Hygiene, offers guidance on this simple procedure, products to use, as well as information on the importance of understanding hand hygiene in different religions.

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