Project hopes to send surplus prostheses to Africa


It is estimated that more than 2,000 used prosthetic limbs are disposed of each year in the UK alone as people upgrade and replace their own prosthetics. Legs 4 Africa is a group that plans to channel the redundant limbs to people that need them across Africa.

Amputees tend to experience a wide range of emotions after losing a limb including sadness, anger, grief, anxiety and depression. Many people that have lost a limb report that some of these feelings diminish over time, especially when more independence and physical activity is regained. A loss of limb without a prosthetic can severely effect self-image and along with it, a person’s confidence. By supplying prosthetic limbs to needy individuals, Legs 4 Africa helps people get their life back.

The founder of Legs 4 Africa, Tom Williams, and volunteers Chris Mawby and Jamie Hovis, require public support. The project has created a crowd-funding platform to help supply and transport 200 limbs to the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital in The Gambia. The task will involve two volunteers driving a van full of limbs 3,708 miles, from Leicestershire to The Gambia.

The Gambia was chosen because Legs 4 Africa has established connections in that location. Any money collected will also to cover the expenses of creating a short film documentary which will effectively promote Legs 4 Africa and the group’s message to a larger audience. The documentary will follow the journey of the volunteers and the limbs, from the UK to their new owners in The Gambia.

Any leftover funds will be donated to the department of Social Welfare at the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital in The Gambia, where the limbs are received, customised and paired with their new owners. To learn more visit: watch the videos available at: 

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