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New kit aids ankle and toe pressure measurements


Following the recent launch of a new hand-held Doppler system, a new ankle and toe pressure (ATP) kit has also been released (Dopplex Ankle and Toe Pressure [ATP] kit; Huntleigh).  Together, these systems provide the vascular, diabetic or lymphatic specialist with a system to aid the assessment of arterial disease and neuropathy.

The new ATP system is suitable for taking toe pressures in diabetic patients suffering from calcified arteries in the lower limb, or those with chronic swollen limbs (e.g. lymphoedema). By simply swapping the Doppler probe with a plethysmography (PPG) adaptor, the arterial PPG probe can be used to undertake toe brachial index (TBI) measurements. The optical sensing system is placed directly on the toe for a far quicker and more accurate measurement than Doppler.

The new high resolution colour display works both as a visual aid for optimum deflation rate and determination of systolic pressures. PPG waveforms and pressures can be stored on the internal memory card and reviewed at any time.

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