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New consultation tool helps nurses provide patient-centred eczema care


Eczema can have a significant effect on a patient’s quality of life, but when clinicians have limited time it can be hard to quickly assess how patients are managing their condition. For this reason a panel of experts, including consultant dermatologists and clinical psychologists, have created the TalkingEczema tool – a simple yet effective resource to help clinicians make the most of consultation time with their patients.

Without taking up any extra time, the new tool can help clinicians:

  • Facilitate more focused and holistic consultations
  • Ensure patient-centred care
  • Minimise wastage through rationalised prescribing and tailored treatment plans
  • Improve patient outcomes.

Dr Tony Bewley, consultant dermatologist and chair of the BAD psychodermatology group, said: ‘The patient feels heard, understood and informed, and better able to follow their treatment regimen.’

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