National Review of Asthma Deaths highlights deficiencies in routine care


The National Review of Asthma Deaths report Why Asthma Still Kills — published on 6 May, 2014 to coincide with World Asthma Day — includes some harsh messages for primary care professionals. Deficiencies were found in routine asthma care and the review outlines several recommendations to improve care across the board.

The report calls for an end to the complacency around asthma care in order to save lives and highlights four key messages: 

  • Every hospital and GP practice should have designated, named clinician for asthma services
  • Better monitoring of asthma control; where loss of control is identified, immediate action is required including escalation of responsibility, treatment change and arrangements for follow-up
  • Better education is needed for doctors, nurses, patients and carers to make them aware of the risks. They need to be able to recognise the warning signs of poor asthma control and know what to do during an attack
  • All patients should be provided with a personal asthma action plan (PAAP), which can help them to identify if their asthma is worsening and tell them how and when to seek help.

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