JCN wants to help you get started on Twitter…


JCN has been using Twitter for some time now and we want to help you get started on this excellent way of keeping in touch with colleagues or finding out about clinical updates and new goings-on in the world of community nursing.

Building up a network of contacts on Twitter is a great way to follow clinical updates or find out about the latest policy — many organisations such as the Department of Health or Public Health England regularly post updates on the latest innovations and if you’re following them on Twitter you’ll see these and be ahead of the curve.

Similarly, you can share interesting research that you may have read about or if you want to know what people think about a particular issue, say obesity or HIV, you can ask your followers.

Sign up to twitter at twitter.com and follow JCN (@jcnreport) — you can then start seeing all the daily news and events that we post (you can also follow Jamie Oliver and David Beckham of course!).

The JCN team is looking forward to seeing you there…

Picture: shawncampbell @flickr

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