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Innovative device helps to secure catheters and tubes


The straps and tapes used to secure catheters and tubes can often result in discomfort for patients, however, using a proper securement method can reduce the risk of infection and trauma caused by inadvertent tube movement.

Evidence suggests securement methods, not antimicrobials, may be the most effective solution to preventing urinary tract infection caused by problems with catheterisation. Straps and tape are typically associated with discomfort and irritation, but there are other option for securing patients’ catheters and tubes.

An innovative securement device (CliniFix®; CliniMed) has been developed, which is made from a skin-friendly hydrocolloid and can remain in place for up to seven days, peeling off easily when it has reached its full wear time. The design offers two levels of resealable securement to enable easy cleaning, while the outer tab provides security with some movement, ideal for sheaths or other external continence devices. At the same time, the inner adhesive provides extra security with minimal movement, perfect for indwelling and suprapubic catheters or gastrostomy tubes.

Paul Brockbank, a patient who has used the device, commented, ‘My skin integrity has improved and I haven't had any mishaps with displacement or pulling.’

For more information, or to order a free sample, call 0800 036 0100.

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