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Surfactants in the treatment of chronic wounds and biofilm management

Chronic wounds are a growing problem in the UK, impacting on patients quality of life as well as vital healthcare resources. Preventing and managing biofilms is fast becoming a primary objective in wound care treatment. Poloxamer-based surfactants, which target biofilms, are emerging as an effective treatment of chronic wounds. Surfactants have been shown to play an active role in cleansing, desloughing, debridement, prevention, disruption and removal of biofilms. This article explores the role of biofilms in wound development — how to prevent, identify and treat them. It also looks at surfactants, such as poloxamer, which is showing promising results in the management of wound biofilm. One particular poloxamer-based surfactant, known for its anti-biofilm capabilities and contained within the UCS™ debridement cloth, is discussed in this article.