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Devising a treatment programme to address the challenges of excess exudate

A chronic heavily exuding wound can have a devastating impact on a patientís quality of life, often resulting in symptoms such as increased pain, depression, anxiety and stress, as well as a loss of independence and social isolation. For community nurses, wounds with high levels of exudate can incur increasing costs, both in time and resources. It is imperative to heal these wounds as quickly as possible and the community nurse should undertake a robust and holistic assessment before implementing a clear and evidence-based management plan, potentially including wound debridement and the use of an effective absorbent dressing in combination with compression therapy, where appropriate, to manage exudate. This article examines the development of chronic wounds and the problem of excess exudate production specifically, before going onto look at the benefits of one particular superabsorbent dressing (Flivasorbģ; Activa Healthcare/L&R). The author uses extensive evidence as well as clinical expertise to provide an overview of the dressing, and presents a case study to demonstrate its benefits in practice.