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How silicone wound contact layers promote healing and patient comfort

With the plethora of wound contact dressings available and the demand for their use in clinical practice, clinicians need to keep abreast of what is new on the market to ensure that they provide their patients with the best treatment options, while also considering the costs involved. Preventing pain to the patient, trauma to the wound or periwound skin, and infection, are key considerations for clinicians at dressing changes (Hollinworth, 2001). With advances in wound care technology, patients should not experience pain due to adherent products causing trauma to the wound and/or ‘skin stripping’. The use of silicone dressings can help to prevent such occurrences from happening and thus promote patient wellbeing and quality of life (Upton, 2011; Yarwood-Ross, 2013). This article looks at the role of primary wound contact layers in wound management, and introduces a new silicone dressing with case reports demonstrating its positive effects in clinical practice.