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Nursing management of pilonidal sinus in the community

Pilonidal sinus is a benign disease that involves a sinus in the natal cleft. This condition mostly affects the young and the resulting wounds can be extremely painful and debilitating. For symptomatic pilonidal disease, treatment may involve surgical intervention such as incision and drainage. The management of pilonidal wounds can be challenging, but with a systematic approach to wound care that involves patients in their own care to help prevent infection and recurrence of this painful disorder, positive results can be achieved. Treatment should not prevent patients from returning to the normal activities of daily living (both social and work-related), and nurses should aim to achieve this as quickly as possible. Psychological care is just as essential as nursing care when managing this disease. This article provides an overview of pilonidal sinuses for community nurses as well as focusing on one dressing which is designed to cope with them, in particular, the excess exudate that can be produced (Exufiber«; M÷lnlycke Health Care).