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Using an adjustable compression system to treat community leg ulcers

Community nurses often work in isolation and are not always able to attend best practice updates in venous leg ulcer treatment. As a result, they do not always possess the up-to-date knowledge and skills to manage these patients. This project reached out to local ways of delivering compression therapy; in this case an adjustable Velcro compression device, juxtacures (juxtacures®; medi UK). The juxtacures range is designed to be simple to apply with a built-in pressure system that allows the nurse to accurately monitor the level of compression being applied to the limb. This ensures a therapeutic level of compression is maintained. The authors felt and skill level in compression bandaging. The aims of the project were to reduce the amount and duration of community nursing visits to patients with venous leg ulcers while ensuring that safe, visits to patients with lower limb problems, with some patients successfully discharged to self-manage their lower limbs.