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Evaluation of a new two component inelastic compression bandage kit

The focus of compression bandaging has been directed towards ease of application, comfort, tolerability and effectiveness. This article reports on a two-centre non-comparative evaluation of the new two component short-stretch bandage kit (Actico®2C) in a case series with the aim of establishing how comfortable and effective the bandage is in a real life situation.

Aaron Knowles Tissue Viability Podiatrist, Eastbourne Wound Healing Centre
Dr Hildegard Charles Visiting Lecturer, Buckingham University
Agnes Collarte Tissue Viability Nurse, Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust
Anna Coulborn Lymphoedema Specialist and Tissue Viability Nurse, Wound Healing Centre, Eastbourne
Sylvie Hampton Tissue Viability Consultant, Wound Healing Centre, Eastbourne

Article accepted for publication: March 2013